Rode Videomic Pro+

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Complete Performance Control

To the rear of the Videomic Pro+ sits the audio control user interface. With separate controls for output levels and frequencies, users are given ultimate control over their recordings. Output levels range from -10dB, suitable for recordings within close proximity, and +20dB. The two stage high pass filter provides the option of operating within 75Hz to 150Hz as the high frequency shelf gives users maximum control over signal capture at the source. This reduces editing times and improves the performance of any audio circuit it is connected to.

Flexible Cable Applications

Mobile journalism has drastically improved the use of adapters to connect a Videomic Pro to various rigs. New with the Videomic Pro+ comes a detachable TRS output cable, making it easy to attach any of Rodes' range of SC cables, ideal for any camera rig. A featured locking connector allows professionals to connect directly into XLR inputs on their camera. This package includes the 3.5mm locking TRS cable from the Rode Link wireless system.

Outstanding Wind Protection

The Rode brand is continuously looking to provide users with intuitive, quality microphone components. Windshield technology now ensures that the Videomic Pro+ is ready for a wide range of environments. The windscreen is adorned with microfibers to increase wind resistance, increase the overall volume of the windshield and even adds an additional layer of protection for the capsule. The sleek shape of the Pro+ windscreen is optimised for recordings in all situations no matter the wind direction.

New Power Circuit Design

The Videomic Pro+ now operates on 2 x AA batteries or a LB1 high capacity lithium-ion rechargeable battery. The rechargeable battery is designed to fit in the same compartment as the AA batteries and can be charged internally through a micro USB port. Within 2 hours, the micro USB will fully charge the battery and deliver over 100 hours of continuous use, sure to last the entirety of any video shoot. The Videomic can also be powered via micro USB without the battery inserted as long as a power output is available, providing users with ultimate flexibility.

Integrated Automatic Powering

Sometimes users may forget to turn on their microphones and miss an important take, or may realise they have left their microphone on when not recording anything. The Pro+ eradicates these issues with a brand new incorporated automatic powering system. The system works through detecting plug-in power and automatically switches on when the mic is powered up, and off once plug-in power is no longer detected. The microphone can be manually powered on and off if the user connects the Pro+ to a recorder or camera that does not supply plug-in power.


  • Audio control interface allows users to control output levels and operating frequency
  • Detachable output cable easily switches out for adapters connecting to mobile devices
  • Microfiber windshield practically eliminates wind interference from every direction & adds extra layer of protection
  • Integrated automatic powering system ensures you never forgot to turn the mic on or miss an important take
  • Operates on 2 x AA batteries or rechargeable lithium ion battery for up to 100 hours of continuous use