Metabones EF-E Mount Speed Booster

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The Canon EF Lens to Sony NEX Camera Speed Booster from Metabones allows Canon EF lenses to be mounted to Sony E-Mount APS-C format cameras, increasing the angle of view and the maximum aperture of the lens by 1 f-stop. This photo accessory also comes with a detachable tripod foot that is compatible with Arca Swiss, Markins, and Photo Clam ball heads.

The Speed Booster condenses light from the lens and projects it onto the APS-C sensor without vignetting; this allows the sensor to capture all of the lens' transmitted light and effectively produce full-frame coverage on non-full-frame sensors. A corresponding increase in the maximum aperture of 1 stop makes the lens more effective in low-light situations and able to create a shallow depth of field.

Metabones' Speed Boosters are made of machined brass, finished in satin black, the camera-body, and chromium-plated on both mounts to ensure smooth mounting and reliability.

These speed boosters are only fully compatible with mirrorless cameras housing APS-C or smaller image sensors. They will physically fit the Sony A7/A7R full frame mirrorless cameras but the camera must be set in Crop Mode to fully support the speed booster's functions.



  • Allows Canon EF lens to be mounted to Sony E-Mount camera
  • Increases the angle of view and maximum aperture by 1 stop
  • Electronic integration of aperture diaphragm controlled from the camera body.
  • Reaches infinity focus while maintaining the correct registration distance
  • Precision-machined and chromium-plated brass lens and camera mounts
  • Matte-black interior finish reduces internal reflection and helps preserve image quality
  • Detachable tripod foot compatible with Arca Swiss, Markins, and Photo Clam ball heads
  • Satin black finish exterior