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Become a master at light control

Professional quality lighting is a must for any photographer and MagMod's invisible, instantaneous magnetic grip make it the fastest and easiest way to securely attach flash modifiers. The MagGrid's carefully optimized beam pattern provides even light coverage and eliminates unwanted light spill, allowing photographers to capture cleaner and more consistent photographs between shots. The MagGrid's tight 40deg. beam pattern efficiently focuses light only where you want it and not everywhere else.

Easy and quick replacement of MagMod gel filters

Mount and swap out gels on your flash quickly and easily with this MagGel Holder for the MagMod modifier system. The silicone rubber slot holds up to 3 MagMod gels and snaps on to the MagMod system via two neodymium rare-earth magnets. Also, it is stackable with additional holders and other MagMod accessories.

The MagMod Gel holder is made of silicone rubber material which holds up to 3 gels.

Kit includes:

  • MagMod MagGel Holder.

Consumer warranty:

  • 2 years