MagMod MagBox 24’’ Octa Starter Kit

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MagBox 24 Octa Starter Kit

This kit outfits you with everything you need to get started with the MagBox system. Create beautiful, soft light quickly and easily with 1 or 2 speedlights using this starter kit.

The MagBox 24 Octa Softbox

With time-saving features like a simple setup, integrated gel slot, magnetic diffusers and the innovative FocusDiffuser, the MagBox lets busy photographers rock off camera softbox lighting without breaking a sweat. Designed to work with speedlights or strobes*, the 24-inch MagBox is a super versatile tool that makes switching back and forth between small and large MagMod modifiers a cinch. With a softbox this user-friendly, it's never been easier to create beautiful, soft light on the fly.


The MagRing is a magnetic speedring that makes attaching larger modifiers like the MagBox to smaller hot-shoe flashes super simple. With a MagGrip on your flash, attaching a speedlight* to the MagRing takes literally 1 second. Beefy and durable, the MagRing keeps your flashes secure so you can work quickly and confidently.


The MagShoe is a universal, ergonomic cold shoe bracket you can operate with one hand. Just slide in your flash, turn the lock 90 degrees and you’re golden. It’s a must-have for any photographer who wants to work faster, easier and awesome-er.

Kit includes:

  • MagBox 24 Octa
  • MagRing
  • MagShoe
  • MagBox Fabric Diffuser

Consumer warranty:

  • 2 years