MagMod Artistic Gel Set

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Add a touch of color and flair to your lighting with this Artistic Gel Set designed for use with the MagMod flash modifier system. They easily slide into the MagMod gel holder for quick attachment and removal.

Very easy and practical

With the MagGel, you can add and correct color on the fly, even under challenging shooting conditions. Pop up to 3 rigid gels, which are based on standard Rosco colors, into the MagGel. They're secure and ready-to-go in 2 seconds tops.

Finally, good gel sheets

  • No cutting
  • No taping
  • No crumpling
  • Their rigid plastic gels slip into a durable, magnetized rubber sleeve without any hassles

Kit includes one of each following colour:

  • Rose
  • Coral
  • Amber
  • Lime
  • Aqua
  • Cyan
  • Lavender
  • Pink

Set contains:

  • 8 artistic gel filters

    Seller warranty:

    • 2 year