Godox SL-60W Video LED

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Universal, continuous LED light source with a daylight temperature of 5600K, well suited for filming and photography. The lamp provides high brightness and color accuracy. The intuitive design of the lamp includes a rear LCD display and a knob to adjust the brightness from 10-100%. The SL-60W operates on a 100-240 VAC power supply, which makes it fit for use all over the world.
High quality
Durable and long lasting aluminum housing , stable operation is guaranteed by an LED COB equipped with a large heat sink, as well as a built-in fan for efficient lamp ventilation. In addition, safety is ensured by the overheating module.
LCD panel
The information panel on the back of the lamp provides all relevant information such as brightness, lamp temperature, channel and group. Convenient knob to adjust the brightness in the range of 10-100%.
Color accuracy
The color rendering index CRI over 93, TLCI over 95 makes the objects in the films and photos have an authentic and natural color, which saves time and money in post-production.
Built-in receiver, controlled by the RC-A5 remote control allows remote control of the lamp. It is very easy to use channels and groups to control several lamps by setting individual operating parameters of one, several or all (also with the possibility of switching off).
The lamp uses the Bowens mount, which allows the use of many modifiers available on the market, such as reflectors, beauty dishes, softboxes, etc.


    • Brightness (lux): Delta
    • Mount: Bowens
    • Power in W: 60
    • Dimensions in cm: 23x24x14
    • Weight (kg): 1.6
    • Power supply: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
    • Power control: smooth from the lamp or remote control
    • Measurement taken: from 1m
    • Groups/Channels: 6/16
    • Colour Temperature (K): 5600k
    • Equipment: standard reflector, pilot, LED cover
    • Color temperature: Constant