DJI Mavic Air 2S Fly More Combo with Smart Controller

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DJI Mavic Air 2S Fly More Combo + Smart Controller

The DJI Mavic Air 2S Fly More Combo is a great combination with the DJI Smart Controller, with which you can shoot the most beautiful drone images.

DJI Mavic Air 2S Fly More Combo

The DJI Mavic Air 2S is a light and compact drone, equipped with a 1'' CMOS sensor camera of 20 megapixels. Experience a unique flying experience with the DJI Mavic Air 2S. Ideal for aerial photographers constantly on the move. This all-in-one powerhouse lets you capture the world in stunning detail thanks to its enhanced camera performance. You shoot videos in 5.4K (5472x3078) with a maximum of 30 frames per second and in 4K (3840x2160) with a maximum of 60 frames per second. Slow motion images, with 120 frames per second, are shot in Full HD (1920x1080). Thanks to the 3-axis stabilisation, your images look very sleek and professional.The camera has a lens with a focal length of 22 mm (in 35 mm equivalent), giving you a viewing angle of 88°.It flies steadily and avoids obstacles while underway, even during high-speed flights and in complex conditions, thanks to its four-way special obstacle detection system (Advanced Pilot Assistance System).In addition, you can zoom in up to 8x for capturing clear images.Even in the dark, you can shoot crystal clear and vivid images, thanks to the high dynamic range, the high resolution and the 10-bit Dlog-M colour profile.

MasterShots and FocusTrack

With intelligent camera functions such as MasterShots and FocusTrack, you can take the best photos at any location with just one tap. Select your object and the drone films while it performs ten different manoeuvres in succession. At the same time, it ensures your subject remains in the centre and then turns it into a short cinematic video. The FocusTrack also has Spotlight 2.0, ActiveTrack 4.0 and Point of Interest 3.0. This allows the drone to easily follow your object and circle exactly around your object.

Flight time and flight distance

With a flight time of 31 minutes, you can take the most beautiful aerial shots. The drone achieves a maximum speed of 68.4 km/h.You can fly and film up to 5000 meters above sea level up to a maximum flight distance of 18.5 km (without wind). With the built-in AirSense system, the drone also warns you of approaching aircraft in the area. You will be warned to avoid those planes via the DJI Fly app.


You control the DJI Mavic Air 2S with the remote control and the DJI Fly app.


With the Fly More Combo you get some nice extras. For example, there is the ND filter set (ND4 / 8/16/32), which allows you to make beautiful videos even in bright sunlight. Instead of one battery, you get three, so you can fly three times as long. You also get twice as many propellers, namely six pairs. A charging station, a battery-to-power bank adapter and a handy travel bag are also included.

Features of the DJI Mavic Air 2S Fly More Combo

  • Light and compact drone
  • 20 megapixel 1'' CMOS sensor
  • Maximum 30fps at 5.4K, 60fps at 4K, 60fps at 2.7K and 120fps at Full HD
  • Maximum bit rate of 150Mbps
  • 3-axis image stabilization
  • HDR technology and 10-bit Dlog-M colour profile
  • Intelligent camera functions such as MasterShots and FocusTrack
  • 4K hyperlapse
  • Zoom in up to 8x
  • Obstacle detection system and built-in AirSense system
  • Maximum speed: 68.4 km/h
  • Maximum flight time of 31 minutes
  • Dimensions: 183 x 253 x 77 mm (lxwxh)
  • Weight: 600 g

DJI Smart Controller

DJI has designed the DJI Smart Controller for the DJI Mavic 2 Pro and Zoom drone. With this controller, you'll be able to get the most out of your Mavic Air 2S, such as enhanced steering and image quality. In fact, the controller has a 5.5"" screen that shows you the entire surroundings with sharp image quality even in the most extreme conditions. Once you turn on the remote control, it will take approximately 30 seconds for it to connect to your drone. Leaving you to take to the skies straight away, so no precious time is lost on the perfect shot. The connection is made via the built-in OcuSync 2.0 technology that gives you reliable connection up to 8 kilometres away.

The design is well conceived. The controller will fit easily into your bag, thanks to the detachable sticks. The controller is ideal to take with you on winter sports or to tropical destinations. This is because it is resistant to temperatures from -20 to +40 degrees Celsius.

The Smart Controller is hugely versatile when it comes to sharing your recordings. For example, using the ""Go Share"" function on the DJI Go 4 App, you can transfer your recordings from the remote controller to your mobile. In the future it will even be possible to make livestreams for social media such as Facebook and Instagram using the ""SkyTalk"" function. The 5500 mAh battery lets you work continuously for 2.5 hours. So, go ahead, make the most of your Mavic Air 2S Drone!

Features of the DJI Smart Controller

  • Suitable for the Mavic Air 2S
  • 5.5"" 1080p screen
  • OcuSync 2.0 connection
  • Operates in temperatures from -20 to +40 degrees Celsius
  • Compatible with third-party applications
  • Easy sharing via DJI Go Share
  • SkyTalk function (available at a later date)


  • 1x DJI Mavic Air 2S
  • 1x DJI Smart Controller
  • 3x Intelligent Flight Batteries
  • 1x Battery charger
  • 1x AC power cable
  • 6x Low-Noise Propellers (pair)
  • 1x Gimbal protector
  • 1x Type-C cable
  • 1x RC cable (USB-C Connector)
  • 1x RC cable (Lightning Connector)
  • 1x RC cable (Micro-USB Connector)
  • 1x Spare Control Sticks (pair)
  • 1x ND Filter Set (ND4/8/16/32)
  • 1x Charging station
  • 1x Battery-to-power bank adapter
  • 1x Travel bag