Canon EF 35mm f/2 IS USM Lens

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A modern day update to a versatile, compact and lightweight wide-angle lens, the EF 35mm f/2 IS USM is incredibly bright and offers image stabilization, 

superb image quality and construction perfect for use on any EOS digital camera. With a redesigned mechanical and optical structure, 

the EF 35mm f/2 IS USM features a GMo aspherical lens element for high image quality with improved performance in the periphery. 

It incorporates a rear focus system and ring-type USM for faster, more precise autofocus performance. 

Full-time manual focus enables manual focusing while in AF mode, a micro-stepping drive provides quieter operation and a low speed focus drive delivers optimal results for video shooting.

Canon Optical Image Stabilizer system delivers the equivalent effect of 4 stops and can detect normal shooting or panning, and automatically switches to the optimal IS mode.

Compact and lightweight, the EF 35mm f/2 IS USM has an 8-blade circular aperture diaphragm for soft backgrounds, a minimum focusing distance of 0.79 ft./0.24m, plus optimized lens coatings for minimized ghosting and flare.


  • Image stabilizer equivalent to a shutter speed approximately four steps, delivers sharp images in low light when hand held. Achieves a minimum focusing distance of 0.24m/0.79 ft and a maximum magnification of 0.24 x. Real focus and ring USM achieve high-speed autofocusing. Full-time manual focusing function allows users to focus manually after autofocusing
  • High Image QualityAberrations caused by lens optics are corrected by using a GMo aspherical lens element, resulting in high image quality. Flare and ghosting are minimized by the optimized lens arrangement and coating. Wide open f-stop (f/2) offers outstanding descriptive power for portrait shooting. Excellent soft-toned image of background is achieved by 8- blade circular aperture.
  • Silent OperationMicro step drive control enables silent aperture movement and low speed ring USM effective for movie shooting.

In The Box

  • EF 35mm f/2 IS USM
  • Front Lens Cap E-67 ll
  • Rear Lens Cap


  • Weight (g):210
  • Filter Diameter (mm): 52
  • Maximum Magnification (x):0 .23
  • Magnification with Extension Tube EF12: 0.58-0.35
  • Magnification with Extension Tube EF25: 1.00-0.77
  • Diagonal Angle of View: 63 degrees
  • Horizontal angle of view: 54 degrees
  • Lens Construction (elements/groups): 7/5
  • Max. Diameter x Length (mm): 67.4x42.5
  • Minimum Aperture: 22
  • No. of Diaphragm blades: 5
  • Closest Focusing Distance (m): 0.25
  • AF Actuator: AFD
  • Soft Case: ES-C9
  • Hard Case: LH-B9
  • Lens Hood: EW-65